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They increase performance by reducing muscle fatigue, stress and joint inflammation







  • BREATHABILITY: guarantees maximum breathability to the foot and a soft and delicate sensation;
  • RESISTANCE: does not tear or tear even after many uses.


  • SHOCK DISPERSION: the highest on the market. It prevents the foot and consequently all the joints and the back from suffering the kickback of the steps;
  • OPEN CELL STRUCTURE: the cells of the material are not linked together, allowing air to enter. They can therefore be contracted (crushed or stretched) always returning to their original shape;
  • LIGHTNESS: weighs only 50gr
  • THIN: the thickness of 3 millimeters combines technical skills with the discretion of not feeling its presence;
  • FLEXIBILITY: the soft and very flexible material (you could close the insole in a fist) guarantees maximum adherence to the shoe, so as to eliminate any sensation of a foreign body under the foot;
  • ANTIBACTERIAL: it is injected with an antibacterial / antimicrobial to avoid the formation of fungi and bacteria, very common in sports shoes;
  • SAFE: Contains no latex, PVC, VOC or heavy metals.


  • TRASPIRABILITÀ: garantisce la massima traspirabilità al piede ed una sensazione morbida e delicata;
  • RESISTENZA: non si strappa o lacera anche dopo molti utilizzi.


  • DISPERSIONE DEGLI URTI: la più alta in commercio. Evita che il piede e di conseguenza tutte le articolazioni e la schiena subiscano il contraccolpo dei passi;
  • STRUTTURA A CELLULE APERTE: le cellule del materiale non sono legate tra loro, permettendo l’ingresso dell'aria. Si possono quindi contrarre (schiacciare o allungare) tornando sempre alla forma originale;
  • LEGGEREZZA: pesa solo 50gr
  • SOTTILE: lo spessore di 3 millimetri unisce alle capacità tecniche la discrezione di non sentirne la presenza;
  • FLESSIBILITÀ: il materiale morbido e molto flessibile (si potrebbe chiudere la soletta in un pugno) garantisce la massima aderenza alla scarpa, così da annullare qualsiasi sensazione di corpo estraneo sotto al piede;
  • ANTIBATTERICO: è iniettato con un antibatterico/antimicrobico per evitare la formazione di funghi e batteri, molto comuni nelle scarpe sportive;
  • SICURO: non contiene lattice, PVC, VOC o metalli pesanti.


Why choose us?


Each of our insoles is made with 100% natural leather from manufacturers certified by the Leather Working Group (LWG) protocols. A choice that guarantees not only the technical performance of the product - thanks to the full traceability of the raw material - but also aims to favor sustainable practices with a reduced environmental impact throughout the supply chain.


All our products are made using chrome-free tanned leathers. This means that, in addition to decreasing the risk of contact skin allergies, the leather of our insoles is worked with innovative processes that reduce the consumption of dyes (and consequently the polluting impact), while maintaining the mechanical characteristics unaltered.


Our vision, which combines the artisan “know-how” of the past with an approach oriented to design and aesthetics, is realized in a product capable of projecting our heritage of expertise towards the avant-garde. Towards an advanced concept of comfort, the result of Made in Italy excellence.