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Perfect for any occasion and for all types of shoes


0.8 - 1.2 - 1.8 mm





  • CHROME-FREE: reduces the risk of allergies in contact with the skin;
  • LWG: guarantee of product traceability and sustainability. LWG is a carefully studied and calibrated protocol to evaluate the sustainability of a tannery, its impact on the environment and the compliance of its work with the regulations that safeguard the environment itself.


  • LIGHT: consisting of a high percentage of air that combines extraordinary mechanical resistance with lightness;
  • INSULATING: guarantees one of the highest thermal insulation capacities;
  • ANTIBACTERIAL: by nature it is not attacked by bacteria and molds;
  • SAFE: it does not contain or release hazardous components and is completely free of ozone-depleting substances.


    • CHROME-FREE: riduce il rischio di allergie al contatto con la pelle;
    • LWG: garanzia di tracciabilità e sostenibilità del prodotto. LWG è un protocollo attentamente studiato e calibrato per valutare la sostenibilità di una conceria, il suo impatto sull’ambiente e la conformità del suo operato alle norme che salvaguardano l’ambiente stesso.


    • LEGGERO: costituito da un’alta percentuale di aria che unisce una straordinaria resistenza meccanica alla leggerezza;
    • ISOLANTE: garantisce una delle più alte capacità di isolamento termico;
    • ANTIBATTERICO: per natura non viene aggredito da batteri e muffe;
    • SICURO: non contiene o rilascia componenti pericolosi ed è completamente privo di sostanze nocive per l’ozono.

    Why choose us?


    Each of our insoles is made with 100% natural leather from manufacturers certified by the Leather Working Group (LWG) protocols. A choice that guarantees not only the technical performance of the product - thanks to the full traceability of the raw material - but also aims to favor sustainable practices with a reduced environmental impact throughout the supply chain.


    All our products are made using chrome-free tanned leathers. This means that, in addition to decreasing the risk of contact skin allergies, the leather of our insoles is worked with innovative processes that reduce the consumption of dyes (and consequently the polluting impact), while maintaining the mechanical characteristics unaltered.


    Our vision, which combines the artisan “know-how” of the past with an approach oriented to design and aesthetics, is realized in a product capable of projecting our heritage of expertise towards the avant-garde. Towards an advanced concept of comfort, the result of Made in Italy excellence.